Guatemala Acatengo

Flying Baron | Guatemala Acatengo Finca El Carmen


Brand Flying Baron Roasters

"Sweet pears and apples, caramel sugars with a clean finish."

Origin: Guatemala
Processing: Wet/Washed
Freshness: Flying Baron coffees are roast-to-order
Roast Frequency: Mondays, once per week. Ships Tuesday and Wednesday.

Roaster Notes:

"Finca El Carmen is located in Aldea Los Planes, Acatenango which is part of the larger Chimaltenango Province. Juan Jose Mejia owns and operates the farm where he grows a healthy amount of Typica along with Tekisik Bourbon and Mondo Novo. This is an interesting mix of varietals for a country so heavily planted with classic Bourbon and its offshoot, Caturra. Finca El Carmen is tucked high above town on the Eastern slopes of the Acatenango Volcano perched at altitudes rising to nearly 1,900 masl. Juan Jose processes his cherry on the farm in traditional Guatemalan estate style - disc depulping, fermentation in tiled concrete tanks, washing in elongated channels and sun drying done on his patios."


While these coffees do not carry a Fair Trade certification, they fall under our importer’s Farm Gate buying program that is guaranteed to pay 50% above FT minimums, but are often times 100% or more.

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