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Brand Corvus


"Sweet, raisin notes, balanced acidity"

Origin: Formosa, Las Delicias, Don Pepe
Processing: Dry/Natural
Freshness: Corvus coffees are roast-to-order
Roast Frequency: 

Roaster Notes:

"A new blend for everyman! We have been formulating this blend through hundreds of cuppings over the last couple of months. We have found a wonderful Brazil from Marinhinha Formosa, a single estate which is one of the only farms in the world to produce “Raisin coffee.” Dried in the fruit, but remaining on the tree until being dried, this coffee adds a deep sweetness, raisin (go figure) notes, bright but balanced acidity, and a completely unique body which we’re still trying to define, to our workhorse espresso blend. Two things worth pointing out: due to the position of this farm to the equator, it produces three harvests per year which will enable us to have more consistency in our everyman espresso, and it is dreamy in it’s consistency when pulling multiple shots back to back. It not only contributes to making the best everyman we’ve had to date, but it adds some constancy to the blend! We hope you enjoy it immensely!"

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