Moreninha Formosa

Corvus Coffee Roasters | Moreninha Formosa


Brand Corvus


"Tobacco and spice, walnuts, fresh nutmeg, honeyed sweetness."

Origin: Alto Paranaiba, Brazil
Processing: Wet/Washed
Freshness: Corvus coffees are roast-to-order
Roast Frequency: Multiple times per week.  Ships daily.

Roaster Notes:

"Moreninha Formosa is a microclimate subplot on Fazenda Aurea, located in the region of Alto Paranaiba, thie highest part of Cerrado Mineiro. In the last decade, new owership has transformed the once commercially oriented land into dynamic and diversified specialty coffee production. This particular farm is the crown jewel for quality production for owner Joao Antonio Lian, who owns several other farms and serves as an active member of important coffee boards regionally and nationally.

We originally brought on this coffee to provide a great foundation and unique character to our everyman espresso blend, but started enjoying the deep spice and sweetness of this coffee. It’s the coffee equivalent of an everyday scotch and cigar combo; pleasant, nuanced, and just complex enough to appeal to any palate. We were intrigued by this coffee because of the processing method. It’s referred to as “raisin processing” and involves drying the cherries on the trees before the fruit is picked. This is a very unusual method because it is very easy to end up with a poor cup. The care that Joao takes with this coffee makes it shine as an espresso and a single origin, and we think it’s a wonderful everyday coffee."

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