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Brand Corvus


"Brown sugar, pepper, lemon."

Origin: Antiqua, Colombia
Processing: Wet/Washed
Freshness: Corvus coffees are roast-to-order
Roast Frequency: Multiple times per week.  Ships daily.

Roaster Notes:

"Gerardo Moreno lives at La Novia with his wife and six kids. The Moreno family has long ties to coffee farming, Gerardo's parents and grandparents were coffee farmers. He is proud to continue the family tradition.

Gerardo has planted coffee on all of his 1.5 hectares of land. The family’s running joke is that he is spending too much time with La Novia (the girlfriend) an too little with his wife. Gerardo’s response is that La Novia (The Girlfriend ) is the one who puts the bread to the table.

Finca La Novia ranked in the top 20 in the "Aroma y Sabor de mi Tierra Coocafisa" cupping competition held by the Salgar Coopertive. The competition is hosted by Salgar Cooperative to discover the best coffees among its members. Over 300 members of the cooperative submitted 600 kilos of their best lots for the competition. Out of these 35 were selected by the national jurors for the official competition. Our importer, along with other guest from the coffee industry participated as judges. They were so blown away by La Novia they decided to bring in the six bags available from the competition to our North American warehouse, which we promptly purchased.

The main harvest in October-December produces 80% of the annual harvest; the fly-crop in February-April represents the remaining 20%. The cherries are handpicked by Gerardo's family members who carefully select only the fully ripped cherries. The coffee is then pulped on the same day at the farm’s wet mill and later left to ferment for 12-15 hours. After, the coffee is fully washed and then dried in the sun on the farm’s patios. Once dried, Gerardo travels with his mule to the town to sell the coffee to the Salgar Cooperative.

Finca La Novia has its own coffee nurseries to replace aging and damaged trees. Gerardo plans to replace Caturra varietals for Colombia and Castillo varietals, due to the risk of a rust outbreak."

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