Moonshot Coffee Roasters | Parker, CO

     It was simple:  a cup of coffee.  Unlike any Nick Silvestri had ever tasted.   That cup of coffee put him on a journey to soak up every little tidbit of information he could, in hopes of being able to enjoy that delicious coffee every day.  It’s been an exciting process of discovery;  finding where he could buy raw beans, learning how to roast them to bring out their fullest flavor potential (first stop on the journey was roasting with a popcorn popper), and identifying outlets to offer the highest quality to those who love coffee as much as he does.  Fast forward three years and Nick is now the roaster for Moonshot Roasters in Parker, Colorado where he roasts small batch, single origin beans from the best coffee farms around the world.   Nick’s passion for coffee started as a hobby and has developed in to a business.  But it’s still simple.  It’s delicious coffee!