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How long will it take to roast my coffee?

Great question!  Each roaster has different roasting cycles and as of now, all are roast-to-order.  Some of the nano and micro roasters only roast one day per week, while larger roasters may roast multiple days per week.  So we've put a little tid-bit called "Roast Frequency" on every product page that says the days or number of days per week that the particular roaster cooks their coffee.


How does 'Roast Frequency' affect my delivery time? 

It's simple, really.  Let's say you order from a nano roaster that only roasts on Mondays, but you ordered on Tuesday.  That means your order will not be roasted until the following Monday and shipped *after* that Monday, so approximately one week from the date of purchase.  Now if the roaster cooks their beans Monday and Wednesday, your beans should be roasted the following day and shipped within a day or two after that.  If you find yourself in the first scenario, but don't want to wait a week, order two bags, one from a roaster with a closer roast day and the one with a roast day further out.  Make sure you put in your Checkout 'Notes' that you want the first bag sent separately and we'll do that for you at no extra shipping cost!  Did I just say that?  Free shipping if you take advantage of our super-nice-ness? Yep, I did. :)  Now, don't try that with three or more bags/shipments... we're not that nice!


What happens if the roaster runs out of the beans I ordered?

Our roasters update us frequently as to what they do and don't have in stock, so an issue like this is rare.  But in the off chance it does happen to you, rest assured that we will make it right.  You'll have two options: 1) Complete refund, no questions asked; 2) Your choice of another coffee - at no additional cost!  So if your second choice is more expensive, we'll eat the cost.  If it's cheaper, we'll refund the difference or apply it as a credit towards your next purchase (our choice =) ).


What if I don't like my coffee?

Oh no!  Shoot us an email with your order number (UglyMug@SipLocal.co).  We're not going to promise refunds in this case... but get in touch with us and we'll do whatever we can to make you happy.  Maybe you'll get a free one month subscription to our sampler packs, so you can sample a few others.  Maybe we'll give you a discount on your next purchase.  Or maybe, just maybe, we'll give you our coveted jackpot winning Powerball ticket... but probably not.


Do you curate your coffees?

Yes and no.. at the same time!  We curate our roasters and let them choose their best coffees.  Who knows their coffee better than them?  What we do do (did I just say do do?) is ensure that each roaster we bring on has a good reputation in the community, ethical values, and most of all, palatable coffee.  When we started SipLocal, we realized a hole in the industry, most other coffee retail websites picked the coffee for you and didn't give you the option to make your own decisions about what you want to drink.  We aim to give you that choice.  If you're still not sure what you want, try a subscription package.  We'll curate those to give the best options, then you can decide from there.



About SipLocal


Are you a roaster?

No.  We are a couple of guys that love coffee, love local, and therefore, love local coffee :)  We created SipLocal to provide a platform for local roasters to educate potential buyers about their brand and their coffee products, and for discerning consumers to find, learn about, and purchase local coffee.


Do you charge more/less than the roaster does on their website?

No. Our prices are the same as the roaster's retail price, the only exception would be a roaster endorsed sale or customer loyalty discount.  We don't believe in degrading the roaster's brand by charging less, and we don't believe in gouging the customer by charging more.  It is our hope that you will find our website to be a valuable resource and for that reason alone will do business with us.  That said, you are more than welcome to go directly to the roaster for purchase... but please let them know that you found them on SipLocal.


Do you have coffees / roasters from other states / cities?

Soon!  For our initial launch (circa November of 2013), we're starting with Colorado coffee roasters. But, we are eager to bring SipLocal to other locales as soon as possible.  We think our next launch market will be Seattle, and no, not because it's the defacto coffee capital of the world (Denver is, haha, jk), but because one of our fantabulous founders is from there and travels to Seattle multiple times per year.  That said, if we start getting a lot of responses from other areas... we'll be quickly adding those to SipLocal, too!  If you're a roaster from anywhere else in the world, and you think you can help us create a buzz in your area (or just want to be on our list for when we do launch in your area), give us a shout!


Can I buy coffee if I'm from another state or country?

Yes!  We encourage it.  Maybe you heard how good Colorado coffee is, or maybe it's been your dream to taste some real-deal Seattle coffee, but you live in New Hampshire... or Egypt.  By all means, find it on our site and buy it!  That's the one of the many services aim to offer.  Just because we focus on local coffee doesn't mean you're restricted to only your location.  Try another, compare, leave a review for others to read, and find a new favorite! As a special note, we haven't incorporated international shipping, so please be aware that shipping outside of the US *will* incur additional shipping charges.  We'll work on this in the near future.


How do I know you're legitimate?

We are! You can go to the Colorado Secretary of State website, search for our name and find a Certificate of Good Standing.  You can give us a call, we'll answer (or return your call... we are only two guys).  Call our partner roasters.  We've met with them, signed agreements, and given them top secret personal information so that they know we're the real deal and will allow us to represent their brands.


I love what you're doing, can I get involved?

Maybe. :)  We're small and run a pretty tight ship.  But we are always looking for the following:

- Industry experts such as Q Graders, recognized critics, bloggers, and other such writers.

- Roasters, micro to medium-sized - Click here

- Promoters, whether you're a coffee shop owner and you want to put our stickers or cards in your shop, or an individual that truly loves what we're doing.

- Coffee shops.  Not only do we want to inform people of the coffee in their area (and outside their area), but we want them to find where it's being brewed as well.  This function has not yet been put into action, but we're gearing up for it!


Have a different question?  Ask us!  UglyMug@SipLocal.co or fill in the boxes below!



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