Agape Roasting Project - Denver, CO

     The Agápē Roasting Project is a Denver based small-batch craft coffee roaster with a simple mission: great coffee, greater purpose. We roast only the highest quality coffee we can source, and then donate 100% of our profits to a different local charity every quarter. It makes us really happy. 

Great Coffee 

We believe in starting with the highest quality raw beans we can source, and roasting them to their fullest to showcase the amazing natural goodness the farmers have worked so hard to bring us. We roast in small batches, to order, and our selection rotates based on the season and availability of the freshest beans. 


Greater Purpose 

The Agápē Roasting Project really started out of a love of both coffee and community, and a desire to give back. Because of that, we decided to donate 100% of our profits to a different charity each quarter. That's right, 100%. That means by enjoying a delicious cup of our coffee craft roasted with love, you are helping to support some amazing organizations that are doing awesome work in your community! 


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**100% of profits are given to Agápē Roasting Project, as they give 100% to charity**