Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe

Flying Baron | Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe Konga Natural


Brand Flying Baron Roasters

"Strawberries, cookies n' cream, dried fruits, milky body."

Origin: Ethiopia, Yirga Cheffe, Konga
Processing: Dry/Natural
Freshness: Flying Baron coffees are roast-to-order
Roast Frequency: Mondays, once per week. Ships Tuesday and Wednesday.

Roaster Notes:

"Located in the Gedeo zone area of Yirga Cheffe, this lot of Konga is in an area of Yirga Cheffe with a range of 1900-2300 meters, and is dry-processed on raised beds. Smallholder farmers from around the region delivery their heirloom Ethiopian coffee varietals to the station where it is weighed and then sun dried before being delivered to Addis Ababa for sale. This lot is a “clean” version of the process with its wide array of fruit characteristics easily perceptible. It is certainly a clean coffee with few quakers (under-ripes). But they are still there. With naturals, nothing is perfect. This is a very typical Ethiopian coffee in that it’s full of fruits such as strawberries and bing cherry. You might also pick up some spices and even chocolate giving it a cookies ‘n cream taste. This coffee is very versatile in that it will work with many brewing methods, including espresso. We also love this coffee because it’s so berry-forward and it’s a great example of what coffee can really be!"


While these coffees do not carry a Fair Trade certification, they fall under our importer’s Farm Gate buying program that is guaranteed to pay 50% above FT minimums, but are often times 100% or more.

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